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 From the Artist


Lately, I’ve been writing letters to myself. They’re replacing my to-do lists. “Dear Today,” I’ll write, and I’ll remind myself how I want to live that day. I’m trying to live more mindfully-not so willy-nilly (oh well, whatever happens, happens…).

What if, I wonder, I live my life with more positive intent? Will my days turn out differently if I wake up in the morning and write, “Dear Today, I will grow in you, or learn in you or create in you? Today, I will let go of the bad stuff that happens and affirm the good in you. Today, I’ll stop and appreciate what’s beautiful in you and be thankful for it.” Or what if I vow something as simple as, “Today, I will smile more or breathe more deeply in you”? What if I can generate a good day from within myself? And what if it radiates out from me and touches others?

In a world where so much seems out-of-control, all I feel that I can do is grab hold of today, make it mine and make it good. I hope you’ll join me. Together, we might just make today a more positive place.


From How To Live, too..

Have you ever moved? Recently, we made the decision to relocate ourselves and our families. Sensibly, we relocated our business, too… There’s a lot to be said for moving; it forces you to sort through the baggage in your life. What is good? What is bad? What should I keep, and what should I give, or throw, away? It is not only the actual baggage you sort through~ you sort through your emotional baggage as well. It is exhausting, and often a bit overwhelming, but in the end, a positive move like ours is very refreshing.

You’ll see that moving has caused some sorting in our catalogue, too. We have discontinued some of Sandy’s wonderful designs (they’d been around for a while, and are celebrating a well deserved retirement).  But, you’ll also see that we have added many new items. Sandy’s happiness has given her a lot of artistic inspiration in the form of new books, prints, note cards, and notepads! It is our hope that all of this change and creativity will inspire you in some way, and you will be happy, too.

Ellen & Rob